Cortec® High Technology VpCI® Additives

Cortec’s high technology additives integrate many technologies along with our proprietary VpCI® chemistry in order to eliminate corrosion caused by corrosive fluids, chlorides, or humid environments. When implemented, these additives ultimately cut costs such as those associated with expensive alloys, corrosion claims, and labor.

Many of Cortec’s additives provide excellent contact protection with additional vapor phase protection for metals in void spaces. When introduced to a void space, VpCI® molecules in these additives vaporize and diffuse throughout the enclosure and adsorb on metal surfaces. This thin molecular, hydrophobic layer protects the metal against corrosive elements such as oxygen, moisture, and chlorides.

Each class of additives is categorized in this brochure. These additives have been formulated for specific purposes, often for use in a fluid carrier for specific systems. Evaluation of the best additive for your application is always recommended to ensure compatibility and best possible performance before wide scale implementation.

Cortec’s line of additives includes many environmentally-friendly options, such as water-based or biodegradable components and products that reduce the overall use of hazardous materials by streamlining corrosion inhibiting processes. Cortec® offers environmentally friendly methods of treatment with low toxicity and low polluting effects. Unlike corrosion inhibiting systems of the past, many Cortec® additives do not contain chromates or other heavy metals, nitrites, or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Product Categories

VpCI® Additives for Metalworking and Hydraulic Fluids

VpCI® Additives for Cleaners and Degreasers

VpCI® Additives for Deicing Salts and Fluids

VpCI® Additives for Fuels, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas

VpCI® Additives for Plastics, Elastomers. and Adhesives

VpCI® Buildings Blocks and Additives for Water Treatment Formulations

VpCI® Additives for for Lubricants and Greases

VpCI® Additives for Coatings and Paints

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